Nazareth communicates purpose, vision and mission with stunning bus graphics.

custom vehicle graphics and lettering on school bus Adelaide

Got something important to say? Say it in style.

Led by the calling to love one another, Nazareth is committed to building community, nourishing family life and making the world a better place.

Nazareth has wisely used visually appealing, custom designed vehicle graphics to turn their buses into a valuable marketing asset, creating a strong school identity within their local catchment and beyond.

More than just transport, an appropriate balance of eye-catching decals and lettering enables Nazareth to communicate their message of community, welcome, connecting faith, family, and education.

These vehicle signs were custom printed locally at our Brompton factory.

A new custom fabricated pylon sign now majestically adorning the school entrance was also manufactured at our Brompton factory.

We then applied the wraps to the buses as part of our in-house, integrated service to complete the project.

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