Visibility has many important benefits for your business. That’s why great signage should be a crucial part of your marketing mix, if you want to make an impact and create a strong visual brand


The importance of great signage

Here’s what we’ve learnt over many years designing and creating custom signs:

Branding and visibility

People are most likely to buy from a business they’ve heard and seen, than one they haven’t.

Prominent, eye-catching signage exposes your business to people who over time may become customers, helping you build a strong brand relationship with your target market.

Clear differentiation

Great signage can help to differentiate you from your competitors and build a truly unique brand.

Visually distinctive signage and strong messaging stand-out in the eyes of potential customers, reinforcing your unique point-of-difference.


Prominent signage also has the important task of raising awareness about your marketing activities and improving peoples’ brand experience.

Such activities include directing people to your business and merchandise, informing them when you are having a sale or promotion or guiding people through a physical environment to enhance their understanding and experience of the space.


The benefits of great signage

If you want more bang-for-your-buck, then great signage has many benefits over other forms of marketing.

Cost-effective marketing strategy

Of course there’s an initial outlay, but once your signage has been created and is in place there are no further costs.

Many other forms of traditional marketing tactics require ongoing maintenance and updating.

Considering the number of people reached compared to other forms of messaging, the level of exposure quickly achieved compared to the cost makes it a very worthwhile investment.

Continuous brand exposure

A sign works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring your brand message is continuously visible.

Achieving that level of repeat coverage using other types of marketing is cost-prohibitive for many businesses.

Memorable brand experience

Prominent signage gives people continued exposure to your brand, nurturing them into potential customers using what’s known as brand recall.

People aren’t always ready to buy a product or service you offer the moment they first see you.

However, long-term exposure often means they’re more likely to think of you when they are or recommend you to relatives, friends and colleagues.

This quickly increases your further exposure to potential customers.


Why visual messaging is the best approach

Visual messaging is undeniably the best approach for a brand that wants to quickly reach its target customers.

Signs don’t always sell a product or service directly. Sometimes it sells a unique idea, a vision or even a future dream relating to what your brand has to offer.

As custom sign designers and creators, we have a wealth of experience at your disposal.

We rely on a number of tactics and techniques to optimise your reach and the success of your visual messaging strategy.

Our approach may seem technical, but there’s a lot of psychology involved.

For example, psychology matters in the way colour sets a mood, how the body language of characters supports a message and how symbols are used to represent concepts or ideas.

There are no exact rules on what a sign should or shouldn’t include and the best technique is using the right combination of a few.

The most important thing to remember when developing your sign and applying these techniques is to always have the target market in mind and consider what they will respond to best.

Some important techniques to consider include:



Focal point

Visual path

Typographic composition


Emotional appeal



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