Great custom signage communicates your purpose and brand, by catching the eye of potential customers

Whilst the end fabrication stage varies depending on the type of sign you’ve requested and the materials needed, the overall process of ordering a new sign is generally the same.

That said; don’t underestimate how much your journey through the following steps can make-or-break your experience dealing with a sign writer.

As a local, full-service Adelaide custom sign supplier with many years’ experience we can assure you that using SIGNCLASS means you’re in very capable hands.

We specialise in offering an integrated custom sign maker service from start-to-finish, but you’re certainly welcome to engage us at any stage of your new sign project.



We start with an initial consultation process to collect a variety of information, to help us start to understand the best sign for your business. Our multi-step contact form helps you complete this stage quickly and correctly.

We typically require the following details:

  • The products or services you offer
  • The image, style and colours of your logo
  • The specifications of your company livery
  • Where your sign will be placed e.g. indoors or outdoors
  • The location of your business e.g. weather, main road
  • Is it a new business e.g. timelines

Gathering initial information may also require that we visit the sign location for a preliminary survey.

Using the information provided, one of our experienced sign makers will consult you on the type of sign needed, what initial design ideas are best based on the outcome you want and is someone always available for any further questions you may have along the way.

From here we start the design creation process.

This can involve a few steps such as:

  • Initial design ideas and concepts
  • Digital mock-ups of your chosen design
  • Feedback and adjustments
  • Design sign-off
  • Final proposal including budget


Our sign writer designers will follow the specifications you provide. Alternatively we can customise your sign, bringing it to life and ensuring it’s eye-catching.

The graphic design of your sign considers the following factors:

  • Font
  • Colours
  • Style and tone
  • Information
  • Number of words
  • Materials

Depending on where your business is located, you’ll have different building codes to meet. This includes adding building signage to your premises.

Factors affecting regulations include:

  • The size of the sign
  • Where you want to hang it
  • How you want to hang it

It’s best to know any permit specifications before we start fabricating your sign, to avoid having to make adjustments retrospectively which may detract from the original design and its desired impact.

We can help you with the permit process, which will likely include submitting design plans.

The custom sign you’ve chosen determines the manufacturing process and materials needed. We only use high-quality materials that are made to last through any weather in Australian conditions for years to come.

Other outlets such as print shops offer cheap and affordable commercial signs, but they aren’t guaranteed to last like a sturdy, professional custom-made sign.

From here the vision you had for a new sign is now a reality and it’s time to install it.



Experience counts when it comes to sign installation as every situation is different, presenting different challenges. It’s the final step where everything can go horribly wrong, especially when rushed, as it can get quite complex.

Having installed all different types of custom signs for many years on many different premises, we offer a full sign installation service you can trust ensuring it’s done safely, securely and correctly.

We have the experience to follow local building signage codes and permit regulations, using up-to-date installation machinery and equipment.

You can also opt to have the finished product supplied.

Don’t attempt sign installation yourself and if you’re going to use someone we recommend the following advice:

  • Choose an insured, professional sign installation company
  • Use someone that specialises in installing building signage
  • Be sure the sign company surveys the building and formulates a sign installation plan
  • Ensure they have many years of sign installation experience.
  • Read their past customer testimonials
  • Check if they’re familiar with your industry

Don’t be held back
in a sea-of-sameness.

All signs point to success with a touch-of-class from SIGNCLASS.

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